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I had the Stem Cell Therapy in my knees and feet and an IV. I suffer from arthritis and neuropathy. I was looking double knee replacement. I also was having extreme pain in my feet and legs from neuropathy. Within 24 hours of my treatment the pain in my feet, the pins and needle feeling from numbness, and the sharp, stabbing electrical shocking pains in my feet and legs was letting up. I was also getting relief from the pain in my knees. It has been 7 weeks and the pain in my knees is gone and I have started physical therapy to strength my leg muscles. The pain from the neuropathy is gone. I still have the numbness but I am looking forward to great things to happen in the future. I have also have relief from back pain from arthritis and look forward to doing some traveling next year. Give it a try. I am very pleased with my results. I think you will be also. Diane
My Husband had stem cells in his lower back and through IV. He is having great results in different areas of his body and lower back. He can now bend over to pick up items. His thumb is moving well as he was not able to use it because of his work in construction all his life. I had stem cells in my knee, was ready to have surgery just before the seminar. I had read about stem cell for years and said a prayer why can we not do this in the US. My knee is not perfect yet but is always getting better since it was kind of crooked. We are very happy with the results.
I had pain in my right shoulder for over 2 years. My wife talked me into trying the stem cell therapy instead of having surgery. Within 4 days my shoulder started to feel better. Within 3 weeks the pain was completely gone. It was well worth the cost and no recovery from surgery.
Several people have ask and we have give your number to them. We are happy with our results. It still takes time to heal and notice things are better in other ways too. Pat & I have really appreciated using the stem cell way verses surgery.
Compassionate and always willing to answer any questions and address concerns.
It has been 8 months since my Stem Cell procedure and I am delighted with the results. I have vastly increased mobility, and lessened pain in the applied areas. I couldn't be happier with the entire process and result. I am contemplating another procedure for a second area in my back, and will initiate that when I am financially ready. I completely expect the second procedure to be equally as successful as the first. Many ' Sincere Thanks.'
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